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Innovative Design, Quality Cuisine

We love to get creative and have fun with our menu items and the way they are served and presented. Continuous innovation and creativity are two things we pride ourselves on. Having won many local and national awards, we hold ourselves to a very high standard in this regard.

Our guests’ satisfaction is never just about the quality of the food and how it tastes, but also about the plate and presentation of the food. The food experience is as much about the visual and performance aspects of the menu item as it is about the taste and quality. Guests will always remember the fun and unique displays that accompany the taste. Two of our most popular display pieces are our rolling picture frames and our display trees.

There are different frames housed at each venue we work with that fit each venue’s personal style and theme. In addition to the frames, we have a silver and gold tree display with accompanying cobalt and amber glasses. We have tailored countless menu items so that they can be served in these display pieces. Our displays add a unique and abstract element to every event and guests love the concept. It is always fun to watch guests enjoy the hors d’oeuvres and remark on the creativity of their displays.

Erin Hession Photography

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