Leading Caterers of America

New Members of LCA are evaluated for their performance before being invited to apply for membership.  Their evaluation includes an appraisal of their client responsiveness, evaluation of their facilities, a review of their training and quality control system, their online reviews and they industry awards.  Other industry stakeholders such as professional event planners are also asked for their input.

In most geographic markets around the country, there is only a single LCA member.  This geographic exclusivity is necessary to maintain the high-quality standards expected of LCA member companies.  LCA members also agree to a strict code of conduct, the content of which is available to any interested client.

"I just wanted to send you a thank you for a job well done and an outstanding reception! I was absolutely blown away by the food quality and service from your team.  Everything for the evening was outstanding and our guests absolutely raved about the staff and food..." 



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