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Thomas Caterers Tasting, 2017

Thank you to Bob Ridge with IndyVisual for capturing our 2017 menu development tasting.

Thomas Caterers Tasting, 2015

Thank you to Bob Ridge with IndyVisual for capturing our 2015 menu development tasting.

Thomas Caterers of Distinction, 2015

Highlights from 2015 events at all of our venues. 

D'Amore Events, 2015

A look back at some of our events from 2015.

Thomas Caterers Tasting, 2016

Thank you to Bob Ridge with IndyVisual for capturing our 2016 menu development tasting.

CANAL 337, 2015

A highlight of many wedding receptions and corporate events at CANAL 337 throughout the year.

ISES Masters Dinner, 2014

Highlights from the 2014 ISES Masters Dinner.

CANAL 337's 1 Year Anniversary

 A look back at our first year of events. We cannot wait to see what CANAL 337’s future holds.

Caramel Budino

Our new Caramel Budino dessert served in style.

D'Amore 2014

A look back on some wonderful events at D'Amore in 2014.

Menu Development 2014

New menu items revealed at Thomas Caterers of Distinction

Thomas Caterers of Distinction, 2014

A quick glimpse back on 2014.

CANAL 337, 2014

Opening May 2nd, 2014 CANAL 337 is already off to an amazing start.

Grand Opening of CANAL 337

Scenes from the opening of our newest venue

Menu Development 2013

New menu items revealed at D'Amore Events of Indianapolis

Menu Development 2012

New menu items revealed at the Scottish Rite Cathedral.


Shaken and not stirred. This popular performance station is an asset to any event.

Small Plate Performance

Guinness braised short ribs with pureed cauliflower.

PACE Awards 2012

New performance stations revealed at the 2012 PACE Awards.

Sip and Savor Cart

A strolling tast of mini tacos served with mini margaritas​.

Nitro Grasshopper Cocktail

A spectacular demonstration of liquid nitrogen and alcohol.

Menu Development 2011

New Menu items revealed at D'Amore Events of Indianapolis.

Nitro Salad

Mixed greens, orange supremes, sesame orange vinaigrette with frozen orange almond meringue.

Texas Grill

Steak and Eggs with sweet potato hash performance station.

Nitro Ice Cream Sandwiches

Homemade Ice Cream Cookies performance station.

Midwest BBQ

Choose your own veggies, noodles, and meats to create this stir fry in front of your eyes.

Nitro pops

Peanut butter and jelly nitro pops performance station.

Ice Cream Nitro Station

This performance station completes your event with a wow.

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