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Frame It

The concept of this hors d’oeuvre started with the idea to present a self-contained food item to the guests in a picture frame. The hors d’oeuvre would dangle from the top of the frame attached by colorful ribbons and the guests would pick the food item out of the artwork. The chosen hors d’oeuvre was Chimichurri Quinoa with a marinated Beef Tenderloin Brochette garnished with Edible Flowers. While brainstorming the logistics of presentation, we received inspiration from the Catersource Tradeshow floor. There we found miniature hermetically sealing jars that could be easily attached to the ribbon using a picture hook. A demitasse fork could also attach directly to the jar to complete the concept of the hors d’oeuvre being self-contained. The food was sealed in the hermetic jar for freshness and displayed in the picture frame for artistry.

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