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Up In Smoke


The idea for the "Up in Smoke" station was conceived during preparations for the Menu Development Tasting Event held at CANAL 337 in May 2014. The concept incorporates the new "Smoking Gun," a battery powered machine that blows smoke from wood chips through a tube.


This new technology allows chefs to control the direction and amount of smoke so that the flavor can be focused on the food, and not the guest’s eyes. The popularity of sea scallops heightened with savory smoke is a perfect combination that is proving to be very popular this summer.

To round out the dish the smoky scallops sit atop a sweet and colorful corn puree made from Local Indiana Sweet Corn. Kernels of whole corn are added to the puree to enhance the already interesting texture of the puree. All of this is appropriately presented in a short jar with a cork lid.

Once the smoke is blown into the jar, the lid is quickly secured on to keep in the smoke in. The flavor of the smoke permeates the scallop and the corn as it waits on the station. When the guest screws off the jar the smoke is released creating fun and interesting effect. “Up in Smoke” is a seamless combination of innovative design and exceptional quality.

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