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Popcorn Mousse Trifle

Popcorn Mousse Trifle

As you’ve learned by now, we love branding our menu items for our clients at their events. One of the most popular new items is our popcorn dessert. The idea for its creation came during our 2014 menu research and development. While looking for a unique dessert, an idea for a corn cake served in a tomato soup can was mentioned. The team ran with the idea and it didn’t take long for a transformation to occur.

Popcorn Mousse Trifle

The corn cake idea took hold and we wanted to further pursue all options. Instead of serving it in a soup can, we thought it might be different to make a popcorn themed dessert incorporating the corn cake. Using red and white popcorn boxes we lined the inside of them with a white chocolate shell to prevent the cake and icing from seeping through the box. The corn cake and icing served as the base for the popcorn dessert. And the cake was garnished with popcorn merengue that makes it look like a box of popcorn.

Popcorn Mouse Trifle

But we didn’t stop there. The final touch of the dessert was the edible movie ticket sweet lavash. Customizable for any event, we thought it would be an appropriate complement to our popcorn dessert as popcorn and movies go hand in hand. After testing the concept at our annual tasting it passing with five stars out of five. The popcorn dessert officially became a new menu item and our clients are loving it.

Erin Hession Photography, Kristin Hornberger Photography, AccentIndy

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