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Polenta is a popular Italian dish that is a porridge of boiled cornmeal. After being boiled, the polenta takes on a creamy texture that can be eaten straight away as a wet dish or served baked or fried.

Polenta was officially incorporated into the Thomas Caterers of Distinction Menu and was designed as a station that would serve a buttery creamy polenta as the base. Guests can either top it with an assortment of sautéed mushrooms or a short rib ragu. The finishing touch of the dish are the pieces of shaved parmesan that sit atop the creamy dish.


Thomas Caterers of Distinction did not have anything like this on the menu when Polenta was requested by a bride to be served at her wedding reception. Her and her fiancé had a love for traveling the world and she herself had lived in Italy for a period of time. They asked Chef Rach if she could recreate a dish they fondly remembered from Italy for their special day. The polenta was boiled and served on site because it was requested wet and not baked or fried. Chef Rach worked with her sous chef and was able to recreate a polenta dish for the bride’s wedding reception.


At the event, guests raved about the dish and the bride and groom later remarked, “It was the best polenta they ever had.” After the positive reviews from the world travelers, Chef Rach officially decided to add the dish to the Thomas Caterers of Distinction Menu. Since then, the Polenta station has quickly become one of our favorites offering a flavorful buttery taste that reminds everyone of home-styled comfort food.


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"I just wanted to send you a thank you for a job well done and an outstanding reception! I was absolutely blown away by the food quality and service from your team.  Everything for the evening was outstanding and our guests absolutely raved about the staff and food..." 



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