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Bright Idea

Brainstorming new ideas requires brain food, or in this case, a brain beverage. Stimulating brain foods were used to create a first impression at our 2014 Tasting. Served in a working light bulb, the “Bright Idea” illuminated the thought provoking evening and sparked inspiration for everyone.

We began by researching ingredients that would stimulate cognitive function. In our research we discovered many items, but we decided to focus on the following three: Ginger to boost energy along with alertness, Blueberries to help improve memory and Curry to help overall brain health. The next step was determining which alcohol to use as the base of the cocktail. After discussing many options, the team narrowed our choices down to Bourbon, Vodka and Moonshine. All of the choices had great attributes, but the determining factor came down to novelty. Moonshine! It was trending and we had never used it in a libation before. So we decided to capitalize on the popularity of moonshine. We started by infusing the moonshine with blueberries. Adding fresh Blueberries to the Moonshine we allowed them to soak in the refrigerator for a few days. When it can time to make the cocktail we strained the Blueberries from the Moonshine and added our homemade Ginger Ale. Taste testing revealed that these ingredients alone were quite sweet, and with the addition of the Curry powder it perfectly counteracted the sweetness of the mixture.

Bright ideas are signified with light bulbs turning on over our heads. We found the cutest light bulb glasses to serve the drink in but we wanted to go one step further and actually have a light in the light bulb. We found water proof battery powered lights originally designed to be in balloons. We suspended them in the light bulb glasses with fishing line. The final piece was the tag. We secured an "idea bubble" to the neck of the bulb with a lamp chain with the name of the drink printed on it.

Erin Hession Photography & Indy Visual

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