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Cocktail Popsicles

Cocktail Pops

These refreshing cocktail pops were designed as a specialty drink for a summer event. By shedding the typical vessel for a drink, guests were able to enjoy an original specialty drink in a distinctive form. Although small in stature, the pops made a large impact on the event.

The client wanted a summer event based around mixology in a rustic setting. We came up with several specialty cocktails as well as developed a large bar with seating, but they wanted another cocktail that would make a statement. We were drawn to our ongoing inspiration board and developed our Cocktail Pops.

Cocktail Pops

Research and development for the cocktail pops began by brainstorming which flavors would taste best for the pops. The first flavor was the Cherry Margarita so we could have that crisp margarita taste for the hot day. The next flavor had to be completely different from the first so a creamy Coconut Pineapple Basil pop was the next flavor. Finding the correct ratio of liquor to mixer in order to get a solidly frozen popsicle proved to be difficult. After the correct ratio was found, deciding on the size of the popsicle became the next step. We had several molds and after trying three different sizes, decided that the smallest pop was the easiest to eat and would allow the guests to have every drink without the worry of being over served.

Cocktail Pops

Guests were able to enjoy a cold and refreshing popsicle, reminiscent of a childhood popsicle on a hot summer's day, while still incorporating the theme of mixology into the product.

We wanted the popsicles to have a Vintage Ice Cream Truck feel to them. We chose to display the small cocktail pops in a classic soft drink cart on top of shaved ice. The display worked great in the rustic space where the event was being held. It had the appearance of a refreshing icy treat with a nostalgic feel, however the taste was bold and mature. The pops were placed in the entrance to the large mixology area so the guests could come in and help themselves to their first specialty cocktail.

Cocktail Pops
Cocktail Pops
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