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The History of Our Tasting Room

Thomas Caterers’ mission is to create memories that last a lifetime. The beginning of creating this experience stems from our hearth, our Tasting Room. In 2005 we renovated our "home," aka office, to accommodate the growing needs of our company. Part of the renovation was to give our Tasting Room a fresh new look. We put a lot of effort into creating a space that would be welcoming and positive in order to accommodate the kind of experiences that would help create those lifelong memories.

Over the years the Tasting Room has been the home of hundreds of client tastings. It has seen every new menu item developed and specialty drink concocted. It has housed all of our Team Thomas Staff Orientations, where our outstanding servers learn what is expected of our Team members. It has also been the venue for numerous intimate events for as many as 30 guests.

Over the years styles have come and gone, but the room remains the same. Seemingly unnoticed, the Tasting Room has been a part of every event. Whether your service staff was trained in the room, or you attended a tasting, the Tasting Room played a major role in your event. Every lifetime memory Thomas Caterers has created has stemmed from our Tasting Room, our hearth.

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"I just wanted to send you a thank you for a job well done and an outstanding reception! I was absolutely blown away by the food quality and service from your team.  Everything for the evening was outstanding and our guests absolutely raved about the staff and food..." 



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