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Masters Dinner 2014

Every fall, an exclusive group gathers for a special evening of high powered networking and intelligent discussion of the industry’s hottest topics while they enjoy an incredible dining experience. The attendees were a group of the best of the best selected from our local special events industry. The Masters Dinner is deserving of nothing short of this masterpiece menu. The courses consisted of a wide range of perfectly blended seasonal autumn ingredients combined with skillful culinary techniques and presented in unique ways. Each dish complimented the event’s rustic elegant ambience.

The goal for the event was to serve unique food in the finest way possible. The beverage also needed to equal the high quality that the event demanded. The guests were very seasoned event professionals that had attended this event in previous years. Most of the attendees had experienced our cuisine many times so a high level was expected for our cuisine given our reputation.

The objective was to deliver a unique masterpiece menu that would be remembered for years to come. By selecting popular autumn ingredients and designing dishes to compliment the event design, we were able to achieve the goals. Every course was an event in itself with carefully thought out vessels and garnishes. We used multi-faceted techniques and the latest in catering technologies. The overall catering was designed for the moment and for the future as a memory to be treasured.

Thank you to Kristin Hornberger Photography for capturing the above images.

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