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Caramel Budino with a Melted Chocolate Disc

There have been multiple viral videos on the internet this past year about melting chocolate sphere desserts being served at restaurants. We wanted to incorporate this technique, but be able to do it for events where we can serve hundreds of guests. This is how we came up with the melting chocolate disc idea.

We melted chocolate and spread it thinly onto a parchment lined sheet pan and let it set. We cut circular discs out and placed it on a rocks glass. We made a warm brown sugar sauce and poured it over the chocolate to see if it would melt through the disc. It worked beautifully and that's how the concept begun.

Now we had the task of coming up with something to put inside the glass to make a complete dessert. We made a chocolate ganache and put it on the bottom of the glass and then added a layer of caramel budino. We felt the layers would add a great look and the flavors would pair great with the melted chocolate and brown sugar sauce. The only thing missing was texture, so we added caramelized puff pastry pieces and chocolate cookie wafer crumbles.

To add color and finishing touches, we embellished the chocolate disc with a chocolate drizzle and garnished them with edible gold leaf. We also added a little color onto the plate the glass was sitting on with more chocolate cookie wafer crumbles and micro mint. The last thing we had to do was train our staff on how to present this new extraordinary dessert.

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