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  • Lori Witherell

So, you've booked you caterer. Now what?

Congratulations! You are engaged, you have selected a date, found a venue, and found a caterer! You have successfully knocked out the first three things on your to-do list for wedding planning. Now it is time to turn your focus to the other important pieces to make your wedding day special. You may have considered a planner, DJ or band, photographer, videographer, photo booth, invitation, favors, and other items. But what about your food?

Do you know what you will be eating tomorrow for dinner? What about a week from now? What about a year from now? Me neither. We would never expect you to know what you are going to eat a year from now, and it would be crazy to expect you to plan your entire wedding menu a year out. So, while you are working on the rest of the wedding plans, we want you to do some homework for the caterer to help select your menu (and trust me, you are going to LOVE this homework.) We want you to eat.

And maybe drink a little too.

Sounds easy right? Well, there is a little more to it than just eating. Whenever you eat something, think about what you like or don't like about the food. When you go out to eat, think about what you like or do not like about the restaurant. These things will help your catering event designer to guide you and your fiancé towards foods that you and your guests will love.

Another thing that your caterer will need, is for you to be a little adventurous. I know, I know, we are asking a lot, but believe me when I say that being adventurous with food will help you in the long run. Trying new foods can help you decide if you want to stick with comfort food, or let the chef and event designer guide you and your guests down a culinary adventure. Either one is perfect, after all. it is your day. But, to quote your mother, how will know you don't like it until you try it?

Down the road, your catering event designer will reach back to you to schedule a tasting and see if you have been doing your homework. Let's hope you have studied!

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