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  • Steven Metzelfeld

GoBo Custom Lighting: A simple way to personalize your event

GoBo lighting is a form of a lighting display that produces a pattern or symbol. A template is created by cutting out a portion to resemble a symbol or pattern which is then placed in front of a light source, thus only showing the parts that the light shines through. Templates are typically made from paper or a metallic material. The concept of GoBo lighting has been around for hundreds of years, but the technology behind it has improved vastly. In the 21st century, GoBo lighting templates are easily created with software programs, printed and displayed.

Every wedding reception or special event deserves a personalized touch that shows the personality of the client. We’ve seen brides do this, in a wide variety of ways. One of our favorite ways is a GoBo signature. GoBo signatures are perfect for displaying your wedding date, couple's initials, brands, logos, corporate name and more..

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