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Personalized Donut Hole Mural

Everyone loves donuts. It's the perfect breakfast and/or late-night snack. When guests at a wedding reception are tired, and let's face it, a little inebriated after dancing the night away, donuts are just what the doctor ordered. Event at corporate events to get conversation and networking flowing, they are sweet and filling. Also, people love seeing their initials, monogram or logo on something cool. Branding an event is an essential element in making the event memorable. So, we decided to combine the two concepts and put their mark on a 6' long wall covered with donut holes. 780 donut holes to be exact.

If I'm being honest, we are absolutely sick to death of seeing the Donut Wall. It's not a surprise to anyone, and we enjoy being innovative. But clients still want it, so to satisfy the clients wishes and our own creative needs, we decided to come up with something that re-imagined the old idea. After much deliberation we came up with the "Donut Hole Mural".

Assembling the mural is honestly the most fun part. Once the right donut is found, the image that was given to us during the planning process is plotted out on a template that outlines each peg on the mural wall. This gives us a great starting point to bring the design to its full and sweetest potential. If we are able, we do our best to also keep the logos to a two-color format so it's easily legible from a distance. As soon as the template is done, it is just a matter of placing the appropriate color donut on the right peg. Some adjustment might be needed but there are always those last-minute tweaks.

The easiest part of the planning process is obtaining whatever symbol the client wants to be displayed. We try and ensure that the integrity of the design is kept intact so we usually try and steer away from anything too intricate. So far, we have not run into any issues. The only other element to keep in mind during the planning is the flavoring of the donuts. Vanilla and chocolate are the defaults and they have been met with great appraise thus far, but you never know what a client might want.

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